Monday, August 1, 2011

Windy day

IMG_3188, originally uploaded by Pink Lady on the Loose!.
This was taken yesterday, as I was on my way to the local supermarket. The shopping bag was a gift from my older brother and sister-in-law. It's from Canada and was made out of old plastic bags. It was hand-made by Suzanne LeBlanc. The silk top is from India. The white cotton pants are probably from Greece. I bought them ages ago and have been wearing them as pants and also as pyjama bottoms. The elastic waist-band had worn out, so I haven't been wearing these for a while. I put in a new elastic and am delighted to be able to wear them again. The cotton is dreamy soft. I am thinking I will get a lot of use out of them during our up-coming trip to Egypt. Sandals from Mahabalipuram, India. I think I paid 4 euros for the pair. Unfortunately, this is probably the last time I'll wear them. One of the sandals is too big and keeps slipping off my foot. I'll commit them to recycling. Green onyx jewelry from Leena Collection.

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