Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuscan wall

IMG_3125, originally uploaded by Pink Lady on the Loose!.
Up until now, my husband and I have been taking the photos of my outfits indoors. But I have to say that nothing compares with natural light! My top is a recent purchase, it's a brand called (very appropriately) Saint Tropez. It's 100% rayon (viscose), which is my fave fabric. It's considered a man-made fabric, but it's actually made from the pulp of trees - so it's really a natural fibre, just like the more modern bamboo (which I also totally love). The pants are silk, taylor-made in Bangalore, India. The shoes and purse were a recent thrift-store purchase (purse @ 6 eur, purse @ 2 eur). I was mainly interested in the shoes, but the purse is the exact same colour, so I couldn't resist. The necklace, earrings and ring are amber. The necklace is from Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India, the earrings from Tallinn, Estonia and the ring from Santorini, Greece. The bracelet is by Snö of Sweden.

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