Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Miracle of the Roses

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The Blue Church (as it is known) of Bratislava was built in 1911. The real name is the Church of St. Elizabeth. She was the daughter of King Andrew the second and was born in Bratislava in 1207. She married Prince Ludwig of Thuringia and moved to Germany. She was a very charitable person, always giving alms and bread to the poor. Her in-laws did not like her charitable activities, so she continued them secretly. Once, she was confronted and told that she must not keep giving bread to the peasants (she had hidden the bread in her apron). She lied and said that it was not bread for the poor but roses that she was hiding. When forced to show what she was hiding, a miracle happened and the bread actually turned into roses. This is why she is Saint Elizabeth. She eventually became a Fransiscan nun after the death of her husband. However, she died already at age 24. Soon after her death, people started reporting miracles of healing at her grave and she was canonized. It's a lovely story and the church was built in her honour - it's as pretty as the story behind it.

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