Sunday, April 29, 2012

Windy Day in Ostrava

IMG_6969, originally uploaded by Pink Lady on the Loose!.

It was really windy today in Ostrava, which was actually a relief since it was scorching hot, +29 C. The locals told us this is not typical for this time of year, but it is typical for July and August. I am very happy about the three summer dresses I got from H&M. Let's see how hot it is at the office tomorrow.

Today was a great day because we finally signed the lease for our new apartment! We can move in as soon as the previous tenant has moved all his stuff out - he promised to do it by tomorrow or May 1st at the latest.

My sandals and sunglasses are from India, purse is from a thrift store in Helsinki (I think I paid 2 euros for it). The watch is Hilfiger and I got it at Hurghada airport in Egypt.

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